What Makes a Woman Attractive to Men

November 30, 2019

There are many differences between men and women, not least of all the traits that we look for in partners. I see far too women struggling to call in love, just because they don’t get what men actually desire (it’s way deeper than just a beautiful face and a nice body). In this 6-minute video I’m sharing four of the MOST attractive traits that men look for in a woman they’re going to have a serious, committed relationships with.

Trait That Men Find Attractive in a Woman No. 1: Men Are Attracted to Women They Have Fun With

Men love women that are fun. This is perhaps the one that I had the hardest time wrapping my mind around! I always imagined that it had to be something so much deeper, but in truth, fun is  a big part of what attracts any man to a particular woman.

It’s part of what makes a woman stand out in his mind if he’s able to have fun and just feels good being with her.

The word fun is the word that my husband used, and is the word that I hear men use over and over again. 

But what this actually is coming down to is energy. 

What is the energy from that woman that a man is picking up on?
What does he feel when he is with her?
He likes feeling a particular type of energy. 

Now every man will have slightly different preferences, but this good feeling energy is pretty universal. 

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Trait That Men Find Attractive in a Woman No. 2: Men are Attracted to Women that Have Passion

Some women are just passionate about everything and you can see their passion from a mile away. But, of course, not every woman’s passion will be the same. 

What being passionate really comes down to is someone who is an active participant in life. 

If you hate your job, if you’re living in a city that you despise, if you have a dingy apartment that you’re miserable with, you don’t have friends, if you just go from work to home, and you watch Netflix by yourself every single day day, you’re not being an active participant in life. 

Men can feel that. 

When someone is bored with their life, or they dislike their life, or they feel like they’re a victim to their life, it’s not an attractive energy. 

You can be passionate about anything. It doesn’t necessarily matter what the passion is, it’s just that you have passion. It’s the passion, it’s the energy, it’s that active participation, it’s that thing that you care about. Someone who is passionate about something can talk about something that you have no interest in, but you’re just like, “oh yeah, tell me more!” because their enthusiasm is contagious. It’s exciting, it’s fun to be around. 

Passion is whatever is real for you, and the truth is, is when you can embrace the things that you’re passionate about, other people are gonna pick up on that energy. So it doesn’t matter what the passion is, whatever it is that you love, that’s true for you, that’s real for, embrace it, own it, and speak about it so that people can feel what you feel. 

Trait That Men Find Attractive in a Woman No. 3: Men are Attracted to Women That Have a Particular Kind of Independence

When I’m talking about independence though, I don’t mean this attitude of independence where it’s like, “I don’t need anybody, I can do everything on my own, I don’t need you.” 

I’m talking about independence energetically, meaning that you have control over your own energy, over your own emotions, where you know that you’re okay, where you can feel that you’re okay, and you’re okay regardless of what he’s doing. 

It is a lot of pressure on a man when you’re not okay if he’s busy at work, or if he has to cancel a date. 

Now obviously if someone’s doing these things repeatedly, and they’re not really showing up for you, it’s probably just not a good fit for you. 

A man has to feel that if for whatever reason, he has to pull back, even briefly, that you’re gonna be okay. If your whole world falls apart because he’s visiting his parents for a weekend, that’s not gonna be a man who’s going to feel comfortable getting closer to you, and committing to you, and giving everything to you. 

When a man falls in love, he gives everything, he gives all of his energy, his time, his money, and his resources. Everything he does is for the woman that he loves. But for a woman who is too demanding with her energy, where she needs him constantly to make her feel okay, the thought of that is gonna be overwhelming, it’s not going to make him feel like he’s winning, it’s gonna be too much. He’ll pull back, that’s not something that someone’s going to want. So being in control of your own energy, and of your own emotions, is very attractive.

Trait That Men Find Attractive in a Woman No. 4: Men are Attracted to Women with a Sense of Confidence and their own Worthiness

There is actually an energetic paradox that the most attractive women hold. 

So here’s what I mean: the energetic paradox is that on the one hand, “I believe that I’m amazing. I have value that I give to the world, I am worthy of whatever I desire, I’m worthy of love, I’m worthy of respect, I’m worthy about appreciation. I know who I am, I know what I bring to the table.” While simultaneously holding the energy that “no one owes me anything. I’m not entitled, so everything that I get, I am grateful for, and appreciative of.” 

It’s an energetic paradox that is very, very powerful, and it’s extremely attractive to a man. 

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