Kiss the self-doubt goodbye and call in your perfect match to join you in the life you’ve worked so hard to create for yourself.


You’re ready to work with me if you want to magnetize your match with irresistible confidence and self-assuredness, and leave behind the days of bad dates, spending nights without anyone to share in your Netflix binge-sesh, and doing all the work in relationships that aren’t going anywhere.

I help high-achieving and entrepreneurial women create success in their personal lives that matches what they’ve cultivated in their professional lives. 

Meet Crystal

It wasn’t until I realized I wasn’t recognizing my value, that I was maintaining weak—or virtually nonexistent—standards and boundaries, and that I wasn’t clear on what I desired. (Even once I was clear, I wasn’t sure I could have it.) I had to learn that I could choose to live my life differently.

Finding “the one” and my “soulmate” were concepts that failed me repeatedly, driving me to stay in unhealthy patterns and codependent relationships. The natural pattern of rejection and chasing guys who didn’t want to be with me, nearly convinced me I was unlovable. 

But I wouldn’t change my experiences: They helped teach me everything I know now. 

I had my heart broken over and over again. I made every wrong choice there is to make in relationships. 

the coach

Chelsea & David

Chelsea went from single to engaged in less than 6 months! “It is the most amazing feeling to be with someone who wants you as much as you want them. It’s true love. Looking back at relationships I had in the past, they just weren’t even on the same level. From day one, he’s just truly made me feel like a queen. Crystal, I can’t thank you enough because working with you completely changed my mindset. I’m SO thankful I worked with you!”

Cicely & Ryan

"I actually went from single to married in less than a year, I just wish I'd found Crystal 10 years earlier! I found Crystal and I had just left behind a relationship. I knew I had to break out of an unhealthy cycle. Now I’m happily married to a wonderful man. He’s s fun, funny, consistent, and kind. 

I’m so happy I decided to invest in myself. There’s such power in investment. It’s a HUGE part of self care. If I have a goal, I ask myself ‘what can I do to bridge that gap and meet that goal?’ I feel like working with Crystal in this course bridged that gap for me. Everything with my husband was so aligned from the beginning. No confusion. No hesitation. I cannot believe I actually went from single to married in a year!

Hannah & Callum

"I manifested a relationship with an amazing man and we're now living together with my kids. I was leaning back and dating loosely, as you taught and now things are amazing! We’re in Bali on holiday at the moment.He is everything I want and everything I’ve been looking for. He is 100% committed, great with my kids, and ALWAYS shows up for me. It’s so refreshing and different from my past relationships.

He oozes my top 5 - trustworthy, thoughtful, kind, generous, and great communicator. I literally wrote him into existence — I can't believe how amazing this relationship is — and it’s all because of you. 


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