The #1 Way to Speed Up Your Manifestations

July 16, 2021

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One of the most common complaints I hear about manifestations is that it isn’t going at the *speed* you desire. I’m breaking down the #1 way you can speed up your manifestation so you can actually experience what you desire in your life faster. I’m also sharing the #1 way of slowing them down, which is SO common!

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Crystal Irom: Hello, hello, hello. It is Crystal Irom here. What I want to cover today is the number one thing that you’re going to want to do if you want to speed up your manifestations and also, the number one thing that you may be doing that is slowing down your manifestations. I always say this, but I’m going to keep this nice, and short, and to the point. We’re going to get right into it.

Oh, I have to tell you before I get into that. If you have not taken my free training, go to I’m going to walk you through the entire magnetism formula. That’s the four-step process for calling in whatever you want. I’m actually going to talk a little bit about it today. It’s a free training. It’s fantastic. It’s just so packed with value. That’s going to give you the whole process for actually manifesting what you want.

What you want is to manifest the things that you desire, right? You want to be able to attract whatever it is that you want for yourself. I always talk about manifesting because I really, strongly believe that when you’re intentional about creating what you want, particularly when it comes to relationships, you’re just going to create something better. For a lot of women, if they have been stumbling into relationships, they’re not fully getting what they want, right? This is why you might find yourself in situations where you’re dating people where with each guy… You’re like, “How am I getting these different guys that are kind of the same guy?”

You’re not getting closer to what you truly desire, which is that deep, evolved, loving, lasting, committed relationship with your person. Right? That deep on so many levels, life-affirming relationship. That’s what you want. You may have been doing everything you can to manifest. You may have been vision-boarding. You may have been doing affirmations. You may have had an order form to the universe with a list of all the things that you wanted.

Maybe it still hasn’t happened. There’s a couple of reasons. I’ll get to the main reason that you might be slowing down your manifestation. The first reason is that you haven’t done some of the preliminary groundwork. What I see sometimes is that people… They try to go to the vision-boarding, and the affirmations, and the crystals, and all of these things, these rituals that can be fun and can be helpful, but they haven’t done the deeper-level work. You have to do it. You cannot skip over it if you’re going to have a real relationship.


Your Love Blueprint

I work with grown-ass women. If you’re an adult and you’re trying to have a real relationship, that’s deep work, right, because we have so many things. Everyone has stuff around relationships. Different mindsets, different beliefs, different things that limit them, and hold them back, and make them feel like they can’t have what they want or that a relationship is going to drain them. Or they think that relationships aren’t fun, or that men are jerks, or this, that, and the other. We all have our love blueprint.

That’s the first thing that I see. People do not do their work to upgrade their love blueprint. This is one of the core modules in my signature program, the School of Manifesting Love, because you have to do this work. You cannot skip over it. I walk my students through a process for really upgrading their beliefs, for excavating all those beliefs and upgrading them because if you don’t, they just stay there.

When you have desires that are at odds, meaning consciously and subconsciously, you want something else and they’re out of alignment, the subconscious always wins. That’s one of the first things.


Knowing What You Want

The second thing is that often people think they know what they want, but they don’t really know what they want. Meaning, on a superficial level, they know that they want someone who’s tall, and handsome, and funny, right? But they don’t go deep enough into the level of clarity that’s really needed if you’re going to manifest a real relationship. That’s the next thing. If you haven’t cleared out those limiting beliefs that are holding you back, the subconscious beliefs in particular, you don’t have that absolute clarity.

Then the third thing is that you’re not actually aligned with the love that you want, okay? I’m saying this is base level. This is what you have to do before you’re actually even manifesting love at all. You have to do the work around clearing out those limiting beliefs and making sure that your mindset is aligned with what you’re creating. Such is your mindset. It’s really your energy as well, that you’ve done that deeper energetic, mental, emotional work. It happens on several levels because it is. It’s mental. It’s emotional, and it’s energetic.

You have to have that clarity, and you have to fully align what you want. Those are the three things, base level, you have to do before you can even say that you’re manifesting love, before you’re actually making even a valiant attempt at manifesting love or manifesting anything, frankly. This applies when you’re manifesting anything, if you’re manifesting a job, if you’re manifesting friends, if you’re manifesting money. Energy is energy is energy, and manifesting is also just… It’s one process, really.

That’s the base level. Sometimes I see people who say that they’re manifesting. They want to manifest, and they’re missing one of these main steps. That’s your base level. Once you have done those things, once you’ve done those things, you have that absolute clarity. You have a love blueprint that is ready for love. You are aligned with the love that you want.


Stop Lacking Certainity

The number one way to speed up your manifestation is to increase your certainty. The number one way that you’re slowing it down is by lacking certainty, by not exercising faith. The way that you can recognize if you’re not exercising faith and that you can know that you’re slowing your manifestation down is because you’re checking in on it, right? If every time something happens, it’s not exactly what you want, you’re like, “Oh my God. It’s not going to happen, is it?” or if every time you meet someone and things don’t go exactly how you want… You’re just like, “Ugh, where is he already? It’s never going to work for me.” You’re not manifesting.

It’s so key because this is how most women are approaching it. They decide, “I want to do this. I’m going to call in my person,” and then they want him to appear immediately. Now, is it possible for him to appear immediately? Yes. If you actually have done all of those other steps, it can happen extremely, extremely fast. If it hasn’t happened, if it doesn’t happen immediately, if you don’t feel like it’s happening as quickly as you want, then you’re slowing it down by being like, “It’s not happening fast enough. Where is he all ready? Why hasn’t happened it yet,” right?

That’s what most people do. That’s what we default to. It’s like, you want to think about it as if you planted a seed, right? If you planted a seed so that you could have… I don’t know anything about plants. Kobe is a bit of a gardener. He grew avocados. If you grew an avocado, and you had the pit, right, and you put it in water… It starts growing roots. Then you finally put it into the ground. You put it in the ground. You’re really excited for your avocado tree. Then after you plant it, the next day, you’re just like, “Where is my avocado tree. Why hasn’t it come out yet? God, am I doing it wrong? Maybe I did it wrong.”

Then you take your little pot, and you dig up your avocado seed. You look at it, and you’re like, “Oh, okay. I see it. It actually does have roots. I’m going to put it back in.” Then you put it back in. Then you cover it up with dirt. Then the next day, you still don’t see the tree. You’re like, “Ugh. Where’s my tree? This is so frustrating.” Then you take out the little pot. You dig up the dirt. You look at it, and you’re like, “Oh no. It’s still alive. It hasn’t grown yet,” right?

That’s what we do with our manifestations all the time. All the time, constantly, that is what we do. The way that we’re doing that is when we’re saying, “Where is he?” When you go on a date with someone and you’re like, “Oh, that was so lame. I don’t understand where my person is already,” it’s like you’re digging up the seed. If you like someone, and then you start dating him, and he breaks up with you, and you’re just like, “Oh, I can’t believe he broke up with me. This is never going to work,” it’s like you’re digging up the seed. You’re constantly digging up the seed.

You have to understand it’s not faith unless it really seems like it’s not going to happen, right? That is when you’re exercising faith when you have no evidence. If you have all the evidence, it’s not faith. You’re just seeing what’s in front of you, right? That’s not the hard part. The hard part is believing when you do not see it.

If you want to speed up your manifestation, that is what you are doing. You are seeing it. You are seeing it to believe it. You are so clear in what you are creating that it’s like it’s already there. It doesn’t matter what’s actually present in your reality because you’re so focused on what you’re creating that it’s already there. There’s a certainty. There’s a faith. There’s a complete lack of questioning of, is it going to happen or is it not?

It’s like, this is done. It’s already done. It doesn’t matter if I can’t see it right now. It doesn’t matter if it comes tomorrow. It doesn’t matter if it comes in a week. It doesn’t matter if it comes in a month because I know for sure that it’s here, right? It’s creating that certainty.

That’s going to be the number one way to speed up your manifestation. You want to speed up the manifestation of anything. You increase your certainty. You want to increase your faith. You want to slow it down. You keep checking on it like a seed. That’s all I’ve got for you today. I hope this really served you well. I will speak to you again soon. In the meantime, make sure to check out some other episodes like __link other episode transcript here___. 


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