What to do When It Feels like Your Manifestation Isn’t Working

October 21, 2020

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There are several layers to manifesting. The first level is purely energetic, mainly affecting your mind and energy only. When you begin manifesting it changes how you feel. Remember our feelings lead to our thoughts and thoughts form our beliefs and our beliefs lead to our actions! We are motivated by the way we feel. So, without this first step, nothing can happen because if you are consumed with how slow it takes or how it isn’t working then you can’t transform your mind. I called this period the “lag time” and since your thoughts must align with your desire in order to properly manifest, you’re only manifesting negativity because that’s what you are consumed with.

When I became determined to manifest my man, I called it the “year of man.” This was in 2016 and in December 2015 I decided this was my time and I was committed to manifesting my person. Basically, this is the same process I teach in my program, the School of Manifesting Love, where I was upgrading my Love Blueprint. I was raising my love consciousness. I was creating that level of crystal clarity. And I was really aligning with what I wanted to create.

But there was a big aspect that I was missing in terms of the actual manifestation. Several months went by, but once I found the missing piece, it was almost immediately I received higher quality men! That was a big difference from what I had previously experienced, But I still hadn’t met my person! I felt like all of this change was great and an amazing improvement, but I still wasn’t reaching my end goal!

In July I attended a seminar led by an incredible coach. The seminar was all about applying manifestation in your business. The way the man coached people blew my mind! He would teach and then open the mic for hot-seat coaching.. His teaching really resonated with me, but I was nervous about putting myself out there and participating. Finally, on the third day I got up the nerve to ask a question and receive some coaching. So after giving myself a pep talk I wrote down some questions and once I got up to the microphone, I saw everyone staring at me and instead of asking the question I had prepared, I blurted out “What I want more than anything is my person. I want to get married and be in a relationship more than anything. And I don’t understand why I don’t have it.” (not verbatim but you get the point) Immediately I had tears in my eyes because I couldn’t believe I just said all that in front of these like smart, successful people, and I felt so vulnerable.

But his response took me back, He said, “he’s here, you just don’t see him.” And as I’m hearing him say this, I’m literally looking around the room. I was like, did I meet someone? And I’m sure I gave him a puzzled look. But then he said it again, “he’s here, you just don’t see him yet.” So now I was annoyed, and I’m thinking what do I do with this information? So, I just said, “OK.”

Then I went back to my seat. And the rest of the day I just repeated what he told me. Then the conference ended, so I went back home but the whole time I just kept repeating what he told me.

And then something clicked. My energy started shifting and instead of repeating his words as a question or in a confused manner I began to say it to myself as a statement! I started believing it and it was four weeks to the day, from the time that coach said those words to the day I met Kobi!

So, when it clicked into place, I was able to unfold my desire really quickly. Now, let me say this, I had already done all the other work by this time. I had already cleared out my limiting beliefs. I had already become crystal clear on what I was creating. I’d already raised my love consciousness. I had already taken steps to fully align with what I wanted. And I realized that I had been doing so many things right except the one, focusing my mind and my thoughts on the positivity. Once I shifted my focus everything else was able to line up and unfold quickly. I was able to get this massive momentum because there’s just this one piece that was missing.

The power of working toward something is really important. Just because it doesn’t click into place immediately doesn’t mean that it’s not working. Now there are several ways to look at it. First, I can say it took me my whole life to manifest my husband. Second, I can look at and say it took me eight months to manifest my husband. Or third, I could say it took me one month to manifest my husband. But the truth is, it only took a moment, once my energy changed, He was able to come right into my life. And the same thing is true for you as soon as you allow yourself to align correctly.

If you ever feel like it’s not working. Tell yourself, it is working! But you are manifesting what you’re focusing on. So, if you are focusing on the negative, then negativity is what you will manifest but If you will adjust your energy then you can fully align with what you are trying to manifest then everything else will click into place!

It’s easy to feel frustrated and ask why hasn’t it happened already? But sometimes, like myself, you just need to shift one area and then it will happen and you’ll be standing back in shock!

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