The 7 Essential Laws Every Woman Needs to Follow

October 21, 2020

This subject comes from an interview I had on my podcast, “The Rise in Love” with Christie Whitman. If you would like to listen to the full episode where you will hear a more in-depth conversation, feel free to check it out here.

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So, let’s begin with some background on Christie. She mentioned when she was in her 20’s she seemed like she had it all, the job, the health, the life, the money, etc. but she noticed she began to feel empty and began searching for more out of life. She felt like in spite of her accomplishments she just couldn’t find the level of happiness she desired. Sound familiar? She decided to move to a different state and thru a series of introductions, she was introduced to a mediation teacher and she began to meditate and learn about the universal laws and how to find fulfillment from the inside out. Once she began putting this knowledge to use, she noticed her life completely transform. She no longer dated the “bad guys” suddenly she found herself dating respectable men that cared about her, and in return she also began to love herself more.

Fast forward 5 years, she had a vision for her first book called “Perfect Pictures” which later went on to be published and that started her speaking career which in turn began her Coaching career. And now she has 6 books, a multinational coaching business and she now certifies coaches as well. Now I want to share some of the conversation below but if you would like to listen to the full episode, I will link it at the bottom.

  1. Law of Attraction. Think of this law as a boomerang. What you send out comes back to you. And to start the entire basis of all seven essential laws, we have to start with the foundation that we are as human beings, always in receiving mode and also transmission mode. We are either bringing energy in from the things in our environment or from higher levels of consciousness. But either way we are always bringing in energy and sending it out. And when we send out energy, we send it with the words that we say, the thoughts that we think, beliefs and perspective that we hold, the emotions that we have. It’s everything’s vibrational. What you send out comes back. That’s law of attraction.
  2. Law of Deliberate Creation. This is the second universal law. And this is the law that holds us responsible. We are the ones that cause what comes back to us, so we have to pay attention. Another way to say it would be to say, we are the only ones that choose anything in our consciousness. We get to choose our reactions to things. We get to choose our thoughts, choose our words, choose how we want to vibrate.

These laws go for everything. Example; you’re saying love. Love is the food of the universe. Meaning, love is the highest vibration there is. So, when you’re in a place of love, everything you’re sending out to the universe comes back to you from a place of love.

  1. Law of Allowing. The law of allowing is when you recognize. If you are feeling expansive, if you’re feeling excited, if you’re feeling a connection to the flow of love, you are in a space of allowing yourself to be connected with your divine self, the larger part of you, your non-physical self. Because whenever we’re connected to our non-physical selves, we feel good, we feel expansive. But whenever we’re judging ourselves, criticizing, competing, comparing any of those things, we’re in more of a restriction mode. And we’re not in allowing others to be as they are by judging, criticizing, condemning those kinds of things. And so, it constricts our own energy.
  2. Law of Sufficiency and Abundance. This is my favorite law. This is the law that I wrestled with for a long time and I know a lot of people do too. But If you master this law, it pulls all of the laws together. Everything has a spectrum because we are in a land of polarity on planet Earth. So, let’s think of things as a spectrum, on one side of the spectrum you have lack limitation, the absence of what you desire, the place of feeling that complete discontent because you’re missing something. And on the other side of the spectrum, you have the fulfillment of that desire. You have the abundance. You have all sufficiency on the other end. And in the middle, there’s that doorway into abundance of sufficiency, satisfaction, contentment. And at some point it’s got to tip into getting out of lack and into abundance. And when someone is feeling any type of negative emotion like worry, fear, doubt, frustration, discontent, they’re in a space of lack. Lack always feels bad. In the middle, we start doing that tipping point towards abundance. That’s where we’re at a neutral point where we’re satisfied. We’re not feeling over the moon excited about something, but we’re not feeling negative about it. When you go higher on the scale of abundance, the more attractive you are to the things that you desire. When you’re on the side of lack, the more repelling you are to the things that you desire.
  3. Love Polarity. And here on planet Earth we have clarity. So, for example, when you think of any subject, let’s take temperature, right? Temperature is the subject; I’m one side of the pole and extreme heat is on the other side of the pole. That’s polarity. You can love from fear or love from hate. You can know abundance from lack. You can know happiness to sadness. The non-physical part of us is always in that space of love. Unconditional love. No conditions. It’s just love. Free flowing, high vibrational. Pure energy.


Worry is lack.

I love to use this example. When I was single, I wanted to share my life with a man that could be in a committed relationship. So, there’s a gap between me being single and me having my ideal partner. So, when I was single, I would feel content within my own skin. I’d feel connected with myself. I’d look at all the reasons why I wanted to partner in the first place? Well, I want to feel love. I want to feel connection. OK, so I have to give myself what I’m wanting. Because if I’m thinking that the man is going to be the one that gives me that connection and the love, I won’t allow myself to feel it until he comes. And now I’m not in a place of contentment. So, I’ve got to move myself into that energetic resonance of contentment and connection and love. But yet there’s that gap, right? Satisfied where I am, but excited for when he comes.

There’s always a gap and there will always be a gap, because once we get something, once we attain something, we’ve got the man, next we’ve got the house, and then we’ve got the baby, soon we’ll want another baby. So now guess what? Now we need a bigger house, and on and on it goes. So, our whole lives are full of this. I desire this and that. So how do we close the gap quickly? Being in that space of being content with where we are, but excited for more is very important.

  1. Law of Pure Potentiality. You’re allowing the infinite to bring infinite possibilities to you and infinite avenues in ways that can come. We want to meet a partner or want to have a baby or build a house or want to start a business or want to make more money or want to go on that vacation, we want whatever it is. If we have that idea and desire, we also have the energetic connection to pure potential energy that will manifest it into form.
  2. Law of Detachment. This is where we detach. We have this place of trust and faith that exists in my mind and because I can feel it and I can see it; it will fulfill itself in my daily reality. And the who, where, what, and when I detach with grace so that the universe can do its job. It has a bird’s eye view of our life and be able to deliver it. And the best thing for us is a higher awareness that we can ever have for ourselves. How does one actually practice detachment? You may feel like you are clear on what you want and why you want it, but how do you keep from getting too attached while you are making sure it happens? That’s when becoming an energy master is important, because when you can connect with the feeling of already having what you want. Then the impatience of the feeling, the abundance Is just a matter of time.

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