Living Together is Not the Same As Marriage

March 11, 2019

Living Together is Not the Same As Marriage

The same way you tell your audience and clients that there’s transformation in the transaction. That a major shift occurs as soon as they put down cold, hard cash because that’s where the work begins. Well, it’s the same with men putting down their cold hard cash to symbolize their commitment.

Energetically speaking, there is a world of difference between “we already spend all our time together, why don’t we just move in together so we can be together all the time and we’ll split all of our bills, and it’ll just be more convenient and make sense. And if all goes well we’ll start talking about getting engaged and getting married and maybe having kids.”

As opposed to…

“First Name-Middle Name-Last Name, you are the love of my life. There is no other woman for me. You would make me the happiest man in the world if you would marry me. Will you marry me?”

It’s about the same difference between someone buying your course for $497 and your 1:1 package for $25,000. Your course is probably brilliant, valuable, and can get people great results. But the level of commitment? The transformation? Not comparable.

As much as people want to argue against marriage, “oh, it’s just a piece of paper,” “50% of marriages end in divorce,” blah blah blah. For the vast majority of people (including many of those who will argue otherwise) it’s far more than a piece of paper. It’s what it symbolizes and that symbolism isn’t lost even in our modern times as people rail against the “out-of-date old fashioned and antiquated institution.” (And by the way, please, let’s not forget about our favorite little pieces of paper that hold enough symbolism to make the world go round.)

Oh yes. I know all the arguments against marriage — that there’s a million reasons it’s no longer relevant, important, or meaningful — people are still getting happily engaged and married every single day. It’s still something most dating people desire and view as their ultimate goal.

There’s nothing wrong with living with someone. In fact, I’d call it Option A. It’s what most women choose. They date for a few years, live together for a few years, start talking about longer term commitment, get engaged for a few years, and then get married. Or not.

But if your ultimate goal and desire is marriage… there’s another option. You can go from single to coupled up to the most incredible man that you’ve ever known and happily engaged within a year.

That’s an option…apply to work with me, if you’d prefer Option B.

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