Love Lessons for Khloe Kardashian

March 11, 2019

You have everything in the world…except the loving relationship. And it’s coming down to one thing you need that you’re missing.

I see that you have a type that you’ve been unwilling to reconsider, but it’s officially time to reconsider. Each of your relationships ends in heartache, and the men and the circumstances are more similar than different.

And I know it’s confusing…

Because you see that all sorts of women are able to call in happy relationships. They’re able to manifest the love of their lives.

But you —you who have had these incredible accomplishments, created massive wealth, and are an inspiration to the masses (you’ve even learned how to quiet the criticism, hate, and trolls that try to bring you down daily) and yet you still don’t have that happy relationship.

And it’s not the men aren’t interested.

I mean, look at you! Of course, men are interested.

But they’re more interested in what they can do to you. Not for you.
In all the fun you could have…for a while. Not what you might build together…forever.
Interested in the ways they can make love to you, without loving you.

I know you want to blame them and justify your situation. “Men are jerks,” “men are cheaters,” “men just aren’t interested in committed relationships.” But when you give it further thought you realize that, of course, you’re the common denominator in your past relationships.

You kinda feel like you’re picking the wrong guys but then it’s like, “well, how am I supposed to know, they’re always so great at the beginning.” Right, I knew you would think that was the problem, but it’s not just that. I know that’s what a lot of people will tell you.

You *are* picking the wrong guys, but it starts a few layers beneath that…

…beneath your millions, your beautiful home, and your fame.

It’s baffling for so many but I can see so clearly.

You’re dominating in your career — on the level of a Queen energetically, but in love, energetically you’re on the same level as a checkout girl at Target. And you’re getting the same treatment. The men who are busy *not loving you* just have fatter wallets.

And I know your friends and family want to comfort you with platitudes that “you deserve better” and he was just “intimidated by your success.” You do deserve better; although, you’ll have to align with it to receive it it.

But, clearly, this isn’t a man who was intimidated by your success.

Like anyone who gets close to you, your success is a non-issue. Your friends love you for you, not for your success. Well, it’s the same with men (except the leeches that do exist, but that’s not who you want anyway).

None of the men in the string of boyfriend’s who have let you down, hurt you, and left you were intimidated by your success. They felt your energy when it came to love and men — and it was weak. They could feel you were willing to settle for crumbs. And that’s what they gave you. And you accepted the crumbs (sort of) happily and would probably have continued to if the humiliation weren’t so public.

You’re settling…

Despite loving him…you’re settling.

Despite his looks, his height, his career, his money, his charm, his humor or any of the other qualities you enjoyed about him…you’re settling.

Despite that he’s the father of your beautiful child…you’re settling.

Having a child with a woman is not an indication of a man’s devotion or commitment to that woman. Nor is it an indication of a the compatibility of a couple. A cheating disengaged partner does not become loyal or devoted to the partnership because a child is in the picture

You know what you want, you have no idea what you need. You’re never going to get what you want, if you don’t understand what you need.

And it’s not all that complicated — it all comes down to one thing that you need. You maybe can’t see it, but Khloe, I can.. And I can see what it’ll take together. It’s not as hard to find as you’re imagining. Apply to work with me — I’ll show you what you need. The next round of press could be of a happy love story about you.


PS Not Khloe, but wanna call in the love of your life? You can apply to work with me, too.

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