008: Turning a Guy Down on a Date

January 31, 2019

I get so much inspiration from the amazing women posting about relationships in my private Facebook group, Magnetizing Love.

Today’s episode digs into this juicy question:

“I met this guy online. We’ve been texting for about a month and have gone on one date. Is it OK for me to turn him down when he asks me out? Especially when he’s only asking me to come over late at night. I’ve said no twice since we went out a week and a half ago. Once because I was working six 12 hour days in a row, and it was my one day off where I had to go get errands and grocery shopping done that literally took all day. The second was tonight, where he texted me and said I could come over ‘just to sleep.’ I don’t want him to think I’m not interested. I’ve truthfully explained why and that I regret having to say no. I also just don’t want to be summoned to your apartment at the last minute without a plan. Not when I’ve told you I’m exhausted, I’m buried at work, and I don’t want this just to be about sex. Am I doing this totally wrong? Am I overthinking this? Sigh. I just hate dating.”

I’m breaking ALL of that down for you today. We’re talking boundaries, expectations, priorities and even how to prioritize and make the most of that free time that you do have.


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