002: Introduction to Manifesting Relationships

January 30, 2019

Ever heard of the Law of Attraction? Or Manifestation? We’ll unpack it as it relates to dating and beginning to manifest what you truly desire for your love life. Today, I’m digging into the foundations of manifesting and the law of attraction as well as how they relate to relationships.

I’ll share with you how your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions and outcomes are all related and how to make sure that you are focusing on the right things in order to manifest the outcomes you desire in a relationship.

For many of my clients there is something that is out of alignment within this path, which makes it so that they are not being the person who can have a loving relationship. I’ll tell you about the ways you can approach and correct these misaligned thoughts, actions and beliefs.

To manifest the relationship of your dreams, you have to get really crystal clear on exactly what you want. I describe the differences between the objective and subjective qualities in your partner, how to focus on the right qualities, and how to be the woman who has the relationship that she wants. Plus, I’ll discuss how my own practice of manifestation helped me prepare for the man of my dreams.

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