006: Good Men Are Extinct

January 30, 2019

“Good men, they’re on the extinction list, or taken. Most want a nurse, or a purse, a booty call. Lots of evil liars, scammers, and users.” This is a comment on a social media post I read recently and it’s got me all fired up.

Have to ever felt this way? Or had a girlfriend who had this opinion of men?

We’re breaking this down today to talk about how this belief is not only straight up not true, but how having that limiting belief and negative energy is actually keeping you from finding the great men that are out there, literally everywhere.

You get to choose what serves you. Having negative, limiting beliefs like this do not serve you and will do nothing to move your life forward.

The law of attraction states that we get to attract what we are energetically matched to. We find what we look for.

In this episode, I’m digging into the differences between our conscious and subconscious beliefs about love, how they affect our relationships and what you can do to start changing your limiting beliefs about love.


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