A Man Who Is So Devoted to You That His Phone Is Boring to Go Through…

March 11, 2019

A man who is so devoted to you that his phone is boring to go through. That’s what I wish for you.

Because we find what we look for. And if you’re looking for some dirt in your boyfriend’s phone…well, there’s some insecurity there to be cleared, but also…don’t you usually find it?

Yet, those are the relationships so many fight for. What if you could have a man who wants to be in the relationship as much as you do…
…A man whose not sliding into anyone else’s DM’s.
…He’s not texting his ex “just to check in.”
….And he sure as hell isn’t sending messages saying, “this is Matt, we met at the bar last Thursday.” (Yes, the Thursday that he claimed was a guys night while you were on a work trip.)
…He’s not holding on to naked pics of other girls. (And they’re not in his recently deleted folder either.)
…He deleted Hinge. And Bumble. And Tinder.
…He doesn’t have 23 Ashleys, 17 Laurens, and a string of girls with regular first names and the last names of local bars and clubs.

I want you to have someone so lovingly devoted to you that, even with his permission, you don’t need to go through his phone. Not because you’ve lost all curiosity, but because…
…you’re secure in yourself and the relationship
… he’s fully trustworthy
…and you know it would just be boring. And silly.

But getting to this point is only possible when you’re becoming the best version of yourself and properly prioritizing what you look for in a partner.

I’ll ask women what their top 5 priorities are in a person they’re going to consider seriously dating.

And more often than not they don’t mention this one…


…Someone who inspires trust
…Someone trustworthy
…Someone you can trust yourself with
…Someone who can trust you

And of course, it’s not just about the other person. This pull to check someone’s phone, to snoop around, generally to be nosey. It’s natural! We’re curious. But the place it’s coming from isn’t our higher selves. It’s not the developed, honest, place of ourselves with integrity.

It’s coming from the fearful and anxious part of ourselves.
…the part of us that doesn’t fully believe we can have a loving relationship
…that doesn’t fully believe that we alone are enough
…that doesn’t believe that we are worthy of a committed, devoted, loyal relationship.

And I get it.

Past experience may have shown you…
…that you were right to snoop
…hat you were right to be untrusting
…that you were right to keep your guard up.

Because in the course of your Nancy Drew style mission you did find something incriminating.

“Of course he’s texting other girls! I knew it!”

You were right…

But you wish you hadn’t been. And you don’t feel like you’re winning.

We want evolved relationships. We want relationships that bring us joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Relationships where we’re trusting because our partner is trustworthy. And vice versa.

But we’re choosing our partners based on instinct. Choosing partners based on instincts worked for a long time. Because our partnerships had a limited purpose: continuing the species.

But that’s not what we want now.

We want something deeper.
Something more elevated.

But we haven’t evolved the way we choose.

By working with me, you can change this scenario entirely.

We’re going to get clear on the kind of relationship you desire on every level.

A relationship that is thrilling in it’s depth, understanding, and intimacy…
A relationship that brings excitement because of your constant adventure, life exploration, and attraction on every level…
A relationship with such trust and security that even the idea of going through your partner’s phone sounds…boring.

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