6 months to magnetize a happy, healthy, loving, committed relationship.
Or, I'll keep working with you until you do. 

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You get the love you consciously want, when you get your subconscious mind and your nervous system are fully on board with the love you want. 

That’s what I help my clients do.

In just the last two years alone I’ve helped over 50 women get engaged or married to the loves of their lives. (Not to mention the dozens of committed, loving relationships and 4 babies born to former clients!) 

If you’re a single woman entrepreneur or powerhouse professional who wants to attract love, here’s what you need to understand…

Your fear that you can’t have what you want…
Your doubt that it’s ever going to work… 
Your NEED for things to work out…

It’s unconsciously creating an energy of desperation. 
Of entitlement. 
Of neediness. 
Of fear. 
Of anxiety. 

All of those things make it harder to actually get what you want. 

It makes it harder for men to feel your energy. 

Harder for you to step into your own magnetism. 

Without magnetism, the kind of men you want aren’t drawn to you. 
Aren’t compelled by you. 
Aren’t galvanized by you. 

Dates are always one-offs. 
Relationships are at a start-and-stop. 
Everything about love and dating seems hard. And distant. And impossible. 

Release the need, by knowing you’re ok now. 
By accepting where you are now. 
By loving yourself now. 

And watch as the love you desire drifts right into your life.

I help you do this not just with your conscious mind, but also with your subconscious mind and nervous system. I help you shift into a different energy. 

An energy of clarity. 
An energy of certainty.
An energy of knowing. 

That energy makes it so much easier to call in the happy, healthy, loving, committed relationship you truly desire. 

If you’re trying to attract love without your subconscious, mind the patterns you’ve always had will run things.

You’ll find yourself going after the same type of guy over and over again.

You’ll go for the guys that are ‘familiar’ on some level — even if that doesn’t mean they’re good or right for you.

You’ll sabotage the love that comes your way. 

Even if you find an amazing man, you’ll look for things to pick apart about him.

He’ll never be or do enough.

You’ll constantly question whether there’s someone better out there. 

You’ll make yourself the victim.

You’ll feel unappreciated.

You’ll constantly see in him things that annoy you, irk you, and piss you off. 

Without your nervous system on board, you’ll never feel at peace.

You’ll never feel safe. 

You’ll never allow things to be easy. 

Even when you’re with someone great you’ll be in constant anxiety, wondering when he’s going to change his mind about you. 

To create a happy, healthy, loving, committed relationship you need your subconscious and nervous system all fully on board. 

Your conscious mind alone isn’t enough.

This is the truth of what I do with my clients. 

We go deep in this work. We do it seamlessly. We do it easily. So easily that it might seem like magic. 

It’s not magic. 

It’s magnetism. 

And I’m going to make it simpler and more accessible than you thought possible. 

Last year, I averaged almost three weddings or engagements per month (plus 4 babies born to past clients). The majority of those women, like me, went from single to engaged in under a year. It’s not that you need to move relationships that fast, the point is that when you can master your energy in this area, things can unfold quickly, easily, and seamlessly. 

In the past, I’ve been reluctant to make promises about what’s possible. 

But now I see things differently. 



Through this program, you will finally recognize that there is an ABUNDANCE of high-quality men (even if you live in a small town), you will easily attract them (even if you haven’t had a date in months or years), so you can call in YOUR person (even if you haven’t had a relationship in years).

Specifically, this program is for a woman who is meeting men, and getting dates, but something hasn’t quite *clicked* and those dates aren’t turning into the lasting relationship she wants. 

It’s for someone who is committed to calling in a healthy relationship and is excited to invest in this area of her life. 

It’s for someone who wants both a conscious dating strategy and subconscious reprogramming and alignment so she can create a truly aligned relationship. 

So if that’s you…

I invite you to apply for Love Coaching for Leaders.

I'm going to help you magnetize a happy, healthy, loving, committed relationship in 6 months. If you don't, I'll keep working with you until you do.

We'll work together for 6 months for you to magnetize a happy, healthy, loving, committed relationship. If you don't, I'll keep working with you until you do.  

ALCHEMIZE YOUR IDENTITY: You will shift your identity so you become the woman who has it all. You will go from exactly where you are right now to where you want to be by making the transformation at an identity level so you can manifest on-demand.

MASTER YOUR ENERGY. Finally, you’ll release your fears, doubts, anxieties, and insecurities that have been holding you back. You’ll have unwavering self-belief and confidence that will make you magnetic to high-value men. You’ll no longer struggle with insecurity, doubt, and lack of faith. 

CLEAR MANIFESTATION BLOCKS: You will identify and release any blocks you’ve been holding onto that have kept you from manifesting what you truly desire. You will understand how to easily and effortlessly manifest in all areas of your life improving not only your love life, but also your other relationships, health, and work life. 

BECOME IRRESISTIBLE: You will love and appreciate the masculine, making you irresistible. Most women have deeply rooted frustration and anger at men and the masculine. Subconsciously this makes you repel the very thing you desire to attract. Once you understand the masculine, your energy will shift from repelling to attracting. 

ELEVATE YOUR STANDARDS: You will identify any energetic leaks in your standards so that you’re able to quickly and easily manifest the caliber of men you desire. 

CREATE CRYSTAL-CLARITY: You will have absolute clarity on exactly the kind of man and relationship you’re calling in as well as what YOU are bringing to the relationship. It will be easy for you to 

In OUR TIME TOGETHER you’re going to master your energy and SHIFT YOUR IDENTITY so you can easily manifest in all areas of your life, including the loving, committed relationship you know you DESERVE.

A big part of my whole thing is that I went from single to married in 10 months.

It’s not that you need to move relationships that fast, the point is that when you can master your energy in this area, things can unfold quickly, easily, and seamlessly. 

You’ll be fully aligned with your OWN intuition so you can make the best decisions easily and from your highest and best self. 

Through this program, you will finally recognize that there is an ABUNDANCE of high-quality men (even if you live in a small town), you will easily attract them (even if you haven’t had a date in months or years), and you’ll call in YOUR person (even if you haven’t had a relationship in years).


We'll work together for 6 months for you to magnetize a happy, healthy, loving, committed relationship. If you don't, I'll keep working with you until you do.  

This is for you if…

You know you’re an EXTRAORDINARY woman meant for EXTRAORDINARY love, but what you’ve been finding so far, is worse than ordinary, it’s downright subpar.

You’ve found yourself taking rejection to heart and you’re ready to make anxiety, hurt, and overwhelm a thing of your Dating Life Past

You’re ready to release people and relationships that haven’t been working out so you can make room for someone who is committed to you and wants to show up for you.
You want to align with high-quality & high-value men that will elevate you and your life.

You feel like you’re choosing men online based on their picture and you’re ready to learn how to read energy so you can sift energetically and save yourself from bad dates.

You refuse to be a victim of your own dating life and you’re empowered enough to take a stand for the true and lasting love you desire!

You know you deserve more and better in your love life and you’re ready to do your part to ensure you get it.

You’re ready to have a happy, healthy, loving, committed relationship with the love of your life.


I will show you how to collapse time specifically as it relates to your love life. There is no reason for it to take years to call in your person. You will align with receiving love now. 

I will explain the missing keys to manifestation including what law of attraction misses and what it truly takes to manifest love. 

I will show you how to energetically sift through potential partners. Dating is a sifting process — there is no shortage of people. The work is sifting through them without needing to go on thousands of dates. 

I will help you develop a new found appreciation for men. This goes beyond just understanding how they operate, but truly allowing you to see them and their behaviors for what they are. Too many women misinterpret and it adds layers of anxiety and stress to our dating lives. It also slows us down, keeping us hung up on people who aren’t the right fit. 

I will will discover how to easily tap into your Feminine Magnetism to manifest whatever you desire

You will recognize the abundance of men available and you’ll tap into the energy of masculine abundance. 

You will gain mastery over your energy in all areas of life, but particularly as it relates to men. You will develop high-standards that make you irresistible to marriage-minded high-quality men.

You will discover The Art of Intentional Dating which will put you in a class apart from the vast majority of women. You will understand what truly makes a woman irresistible, irreplaceable, and Wife-Material for a high-quality man.


We’re going to work together for 6 months to magnetize love.

You’ll get clear on your conscious desires.
You’ll master the Art of Intentional Dating. 
You’ll master the Art of Feminine Magnetism. 
You’ll clear your subconscious blocks. 
You’ll release any patterns holding you back. 
You’ll meet higher quality men. 
You’ll enjoy dating. 
You’ll call in your person. 

Once you review everything and you know you want IN, you’ll submit your application to join the program. 

I will personally review your application. 

If your application is approved, we’ll have a quick chat via DM or email so that you can ask me any other Qs. You’ll have 24 hours to make a decision. 

You’ll tune into your intuition. Once you decide it’s right for you, you’ll send back your payment and complete your registration.

There is no way for me to fully put into words the magic that IS this program.

This isn’t just a manifesting love program. It’s a “love the path to love” program. And that’s important. Too many people try to fast forward through the process or are miserable, lonely, anxious, and confused. This makes love far more elusive & difficult than it is. In this program, you’ll master your energy. You’ll approach dating with CALM, CERTAINTY, and SUPREME SELF-WORTH and STANDARDS. You will not only manifest love but you will MASTER YOUR OWN ENERGY. And that’s a game-changer. You’ll finally have the love you desire and it’ll happen easily and without fear, stress, and overwhelm.

Uncover the root of your deepest blocks to love and clear them on a conscious and subconscious level so that you can manifest love effortlessly;
Do a somatic energy clearing to get your nervous system fully on board with the love you’re ready to call in;
Create a custom transformational recording for you to listen to in the 30 days after our session to permanently lock in your desired results and ensure your mind is fully wired for the happy, healthy, loving relationship you want!

1:1 Wired for Love Subconscious Reprogramming Session with Custom Recording (Value $2,500)

In this session we will: 


Love Life Excavation and Evaluation

Once you’re signed up for the program, you’ll fill out an in-depth questionnaire. This will help you evaluate your love life in a way that you haven’t before. Just filling this out will give you clarity on what’s blocking you, what your vision is, and how to best move forward. 

Not only that, but it will give me the insight I need so we can hit the ground running in our work together and give you a clear step-by-step plan for calling in love with your person over the next 6 months. 

3 Group Coaching Calls/month  (Value $36,000)

On Sundays at 12pm EST/9am PST we will have high-level group coaching calls. 

I’ll start the calls with a subconscious reprogramming for 10-15 minutes. This will be deeply relaxing, insightful, and powerful and we speak to your subconscious mind to continue wiring your brain for the love you desire. 

Then we’ll have hot seat coaching. You’ll bring whatever issues, blocks, or limitations are coming up in your love life and I’ll coach you through issues in your conscious mind, unconscious mind, shadows, and nervous system.

My approach is potent and multifaceted so that we get your mind, body, and nervous system all fully on board with you having a happy, healthy, loving, committed relationship. 

We’ll close the calls with an energetic clearing so you’ll leave feeling empowered, energized, and confident as you move towards your goals. 

Releasing ex’s including serious ex’s, casual ex’s, and ghosters;
Manifesting love when it seems like nothing is working;
Letting down your walls and guard so you can actually attract more of what you want;
Recognizing and releasing self-sabotage patterns in a happy relationship;
Subconscious reprogramming regarding your Love Blueprint and any patterns holding you back;
15+ meditations to align you with the love you desire and step into more of what you want;
In depth subconscious shadow work and pattern upgrading.

Topics include, but aren’t limited to: 

Love Vault with 50+ hours of exclusive coaching calls, content, and meditations (Value $25,000)

The School of Manifesting Love: the premiere love manifestation and dating digital course for women (Value $4,000)

Right when you sign up you’ll be given access to my signature framework for manifesting love. You’ll be given online access so that you can go through the material as much as you’d like on your own time. 

This is the EXACT framework that has allowed me as well as my clients to go from single to engaged in less than a year. 

You’ll learn how to upgrade your Love Blueprint so that you’re a match on both a conscious and unconscious level for the happy, healthy, loving, committed relationship you desire. 

You’ll get crystal-clarity on what you truly want and need in a loving relationship using my 3-part manifesto process

You’ll learn how to step into your feminine magnetism so that you’re the highest and best version of you so that men are easily drawn into your world and inspired to move the relationship forward

You’ll understand and appreciate men at a deeper level so that your interactions and communications are easier, more positive, and deeper

You’ll feel deeply deserving and worthy of the kind of relationship that you desire, which will make it easy and light to approach dating

You’ll master your own energy so that dating and relationships are fun, rather than stressful and anxiety filled

Private chat (value $12,000)

We’ll have a group chat that you can use to stay connected with me and the other women between calls. 

This is where feedback, connection, and sisterhood with the other women really develops. 

Part of the work we’re gonna do is getting you aligned with intuition. We can start doing that right now so you can make the decision about joining this program or not. 

Am I the right person to help you?

Is this program the right fit for you?

Simple. There you go. 

If you still have questions, DM me over on Instagram. 

I look forward to supporting you in stepping into
the highest and best version of YOU and
calling in your man.


Close your eyes. Take a breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

You get to decide RIGHT NOW that this program is the missing link and it gets to work for you.

She committed 100%. To the work. To herself. And to her man, when she found him. She came to me because she wanted to get MARRIED. None of this, “oh, I’d maybe like to find my next boyfriend or ideally my soulmate and just see how it goes” bullshit. She knew what she wanted and she claimed it.

She didn’t assume that even though she hadn’t yet created what she desired she still somehow knew exactly how to create it. No, she came to me because she wanted help and she embraced my guidance with both arms. 

She MASTERED THE ENERGETICS OF MAN-IFESTING LOVE. Chelsea was already great at manifesting in her life, but she had no idea what it truly took to magnetize love with a high-frequency man. We took the work beyond vision boarding and affirmations so that she could actually manifest a man who had EVERYTHING she desired down to her height requirements. 

Chelsea went from single to engaged in less than 6 months DURING the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. She and her husband were married in January 2021 in her dream wedding. 

Chelsea says, “It is the most amazing feeling to be with someone who wants you as much as you want them. It’s true love. Looking back at relationships I had in the past, they just weren’t even on the same level. From day one, he’s just truly made me feel like a queen. Crystal, I can’t thank you enough because working with you completely changed my mindset. I’m SO thankful I worked with you!”

So what did she do…

...ambition, success, and outgoing personality would be a PERFECT FIT for HER PERSON and one of the most attractive things about her. Not “intimidating” or something that would drive a good man off. 

...so long as she accepted stale breadcrumbs when she wanted a 7-tier wedding cake with custom cake toppers with an uncanny resemblance to Barbie and Ken, she wouldn’t be able to create the kind of massive transformation and epic soulmate love she craved.

...95%+ of the high-earning, ambitious, successful women I work with *think* they’re being too picky and I’ve YET to have a client where that was actually the case. Lowering her standards wasn’t going to help her attract the Man of Her Life (and it won’t help you either)

Here’s the truth...

..“maybe I’m expecting too much,” 
...“maybe he’ll change over time,” 
...“maybe I’m too intimidating to the kind of masculine men that I truly desire.” 

Um, no.

I get the logic, but that’s just not how that works.

She thought... 

But in practice? They were not showing up like men in love who at long last had finally found their queen to love and cherish, but more like travelers seeking to invoke Westerosi Guest Rights with a warm bed and a meal as respite from the night’s cold after stumbling across her doorstep. 

One doesn’t stumble across the doorstep of a goddess.

But they didn’t recognize her as such because like so many other successful women, she lowered her standards in a last ditch effort to get what she wanted. 

When she first came to me she was clueless on how to get from the butterflies and excitement of initial infatuation to the seemingly delicate dance of dating in a way that would actually get a guy to commit. (I say seemingly because dating only SEEMS like a challenge when you’re expanding and contracting your energy as you’re trying to GET something from a man that he doesn’t want to give happily. Once you’re in an expansive energy with YOUR person the relationship can be fun, easy, and aligned so that you can quickly move into commitment with clarity and certainty.) 

She found herself stuck on a humiliating hamster wheel: meet a guy, start to like him, he ghosts, meet a guy, start to like him, he ghosts, and on and on. That had been her pattern for a year when she had her FTS moment and hired me. (FYI, there’s no need to wait til you’re at that moment that you feel like you can’t take it anymore to hire me).

She didn’t realize she was settling because the guys she was meeting were great on paper. “Total catches that she should be lucky to have!” Good looking. Well off. Ambitious. Blah blah blah.  

Neither did Chelsea. 

Technically she went from single to ENGAGED in 3 months, but to many of you reading this that just sounds “impossible” or “crazy” or “desperate” (even if you’d love nothing more than to be engaged to your person) and you’d poo poo everything that follows ONLY because you don’t yet understand the TRUTH about time and how to collapse it. 


Chelsea Coleman


"I manifested a relationship with an amazing man and we're now living together with my kids. I was leaning back and dating loosely, as you taught and now things are amazing! We’re in Bali on holiday at the moment.

He is everything I want and everything I’ve been looking for. He is 100% committed, great with my kids, and ALWAYS shows up for me. It’s so refreshing and different from my past relationships.He oozes my top 5 - trustworthy, thoughtful, kind, generous, and great communicator. I literally wrote him into existence — I can't believe how amazing this relationship is — and it’s all because of you.

Single to happily coupled up


When my client and friend Julia first came to me, she was struggling with building a relationship beyond the first few weeks and dates. She has no problem attracting men, but dating wasn’t turning into a secure committed relationship.

She had re-connected with someone she’d liked in the past, but previously they’d been unable to create a happy, healthy, loving, committed relationship. She wanted to approach things differently now.

She started working with me for support around her mindset and beliefs about men, love, and dating so she could finally go from dating to being in a committed, loving relationship. 

Here's what happened:

The relationships got better and better. It’s the most significant relationship she’s had. Although she never struggled attracting men, this is her face serious, committed relationship.

Fell in love and allowed the relationship to unfold at the pace that was right for THEM. They’re now in love and have no problems expressing that love to each other. 
They’ve traveled the world together and are now planning their future.

Single to happily coupled up



“I met the man of my dreams after I stopped feeling so anxious about dating and made changes in my dating patterns. I knew on our first date this was different. I was completely myself for the first time in any relationship. No pretending, no structured text conversations to sound more appealing. I felt so comfortable with him and he adored me immediately.

We were engaged after dating for 7 months and married 3 months later.”

Single to Happily Married



I'm with now with a man whose amazing in so many ways. He's incredibly kind, giving, and always puts me first. We're compatible in so many ways, and we get along great.

Your work helped me learn to stop playing a role to avoid scaring away an emotionally-unavailable guy. Instead, I'd give them the time and space to make the effort to be with me!

Single to Happily Married

"Working with Crystal has literally changed my life. I knew I wanted to be in a committed relationship, but I feared the impact a relationship would have on my family. 

I am a 48 year old mother with 2 kids and although they have a great relationship with their dad, it has really been the three of us for many years. I know I often purposely chose men I would never have to introduce to my friends and family because I couldn’t imagine anyone good enough choosing me. 

Crystal helped me to move through those fears and envision a life with my partner and my children that was safe, loving, and whole. 

She gave me space to whine and protest, but didn’t let me stay there. 

Working with her forced me to raise my standards and pull in higher quality men worthy of my children and myself. 

I loved working with a group of powerful women who were also vulnerable enough to say love is what I’m willing to focus on and invest in this year. I also loved knowing that there was someone as powerful as Crystal rooting and manifesting for me in the background. 

I can happily say that within 2 months I met, who I believe to be my best, and favorite love. He is a beautiful soul that was tailor made for me. One who I am proud to introduce to all the loves in my life, and a man who makes it easy to imagine my threesome becoming four, without fear or resistance. 

Thank you Crystal."

Single to Happily Coupled


When Kelle first came to me she was having a hard time letting go of an ex. Although she KNEW the relationship wasn't right, she was worried she’d never love someone the way she had loved him. Kelle is a therapist herself so she’s done a lot of work on herself, but she knew she needed some support in this area.

She went from struggling to move past an ex to deeply in love with a wonderful man!

Here's what she said:

"I think the biggest thing I got from working with you and the aha moment was that I need to be happy with me first and take time to heal. Of course you know the pain I was in with my last relationship and it clicked to me that I wanted to not look for anything and just focus solely on myself. I traveled a ton! Met so many new people in general and friends and just focused on being the best version of myself. When I did that I was attracting all sorts of people even friends. That was my proof and evidence that this worked so my anxiety literally vanished and I just kept telling myself what you said. He’s literally here I just haven’t met him yet which made it SO easy to sift through guys without having an attachment because even if I had chemistry with them if something didn’t feel right I KNEW I needed to let them go."

Here are her results:

She went from single to a happy, healthy, loving, committed relationship who has EVERYTHING she wanted.

She said, “I wanted to find my person by September and it happened. I spoke what I wanted and he is all of it. He is fun, positive, funny, hard working, kind, patient, masculine, takes initiative, takes care of me. He communicates, he comes from an amazing family. He’s so handsome. I mean this man told me he’s attracted to my soul, he adores me, and he literally opens my door and buckles me in just so he can kiss me. 

The best part is that I have always felt anxious after feeling so connected to someone and getting into a relationship and with him I feel so relaxed and he feels like home. It feels like I’ve known him forever and it’s light and easy and playful and fun. The biggest breakthrough for me is that I’m not scared to lose him because I now know and trust that I can call in another amazing man should something happen. This is just incredible. It just all clicked for me! Thank you Crystal so excited to give you updates!”


Single to Happily Coupled



Through this program, I manifested what was truly important to me in a relationship and what type of man I was seeking. By doing this, it kept me from considering any potential man who wasn't what I wanted or needed in my life, no matter how enticing it seemed at the moment. I've found a wonderful man. He fits the list — all of it…

Single to Happily Married

There is NO ONE like Crystal out there who is so specific & strategic yet also spiritual about finding love. I’m a 32 year old single mom and I hadn't had a relationship in 3 years. and I’ve been single for 3 years. I’m also a single mom. Dating has not been fun or easy for me. But I started adopting EVERYTHING Crystal taught.

It wasn't long until I went on the first date with the man I’m now in a relationship with. It was easy and fun. 
He was consistent, he continuously made an effort, and there was no doubt that he liked me too because he made it clear through his words & actions. He is the sweetest, kindest, most attentive and doting man— he makes more of an effort than anyone I’ve ever met. He stepped up for me all because of what I learned and implemented from Crystal about manifesting love!"


Single to Happily Coupled

Orlane went from single to married in less than a year. She decided to prioritize her energy over everything else. She listened to the meditation every day and followed the formula to a T becoming the most magnetic version of herself. She manifested him exactly, as if out of thin air. He literally walked into her office

Single to Happily Married


"I'd never even had a boyfriend before joining Crystal's program. Now I'm ENGAGED to someone wonderful! He's outgoing, funny, respectful, and understanding and smart. He puts my needs and wants as a priority. He's just really thoughtful and sweet. He makes me feel so special. 

I'm so happy — I didn't think I'd end up with a someone so quickly!

Crystal was always there through the process to address any questions and provide her utmost support. Thank you -- so thankful that I found your program."

Single to Happily Engaged



"I actually went from single to married in less than a year, I just wish I'd found Crystal 10 years earlier! I found Crystal and I had just left behind a relationship. I knew I had to break out of an unhealthy cycle. Now I’m happily married to a wonderful man. He’s s fun, funny, consistent, and kind.

I’m so happy I decided to invest in myself. There’s such power in investment. It’s a HUGE part of self care. If I have a goal, I ask myself ‘what can I do to bridge that gap and meet that goal?’ I feel like working with Crystal in this course bridged that gap for me. Everything with my husband was so aligned from the beginning. No confusion. No hesitation. I cannot believe I actually went from single to married in a year!

Single to Happily Married

I’m happily engaged to a wonderful guy who always puts me first. In the past, I often felt like I wasn’t a priority. My fiance is caring and makes such an effort to ensure I always feel comfortable and loved. And I love that he’s an incredible listener and communicator. 

Before we got engaged I had mentioned that I would ideally want a ring from a Black-owned jewler. He remembered and actually found the perfect jewelry designer to create my custom ring. 

We’re planning a wedding for 2024 near my home in St. Croix. 

Single to Happily Engaged


Ashleigh came to me because she was excited to meet her husband, but she actually used my methods to manifest some other huge changes in her life first. Before calling in her husband, she called in a new job as well as new friends. 

Eventually she matched with an incredible guy online. They were engaged after 10 months and were recently married. 

Single to Happily Married


In 6 months you'll magnetize a happy, healthy, loving, committed relationship. If you don't, I'll keep working with you until you do.