For Extraordinary Women Meant for Extraordinary Love

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Master Your Energy. 
Shift Your Identity. 
Manifest Love.


You’re an Extraordinary Woman
and You Know You’re Meant for Extraordinary Love.

But you also can’t help but wonder…

You’re a multiple-6 or 7-figure entrepreneur or powerhouse professional with a great life and lifestyle you're proud of, but haven't quite been able to crack the code of love...
Wanting to understand how to approach love & relationships differently — you're not an Average Jane so you're not seeking an Average Joe.
Ready for a real relationship and want to become a magnet for love...
Tired of dating the same type of men and are ready to attract the person right for you -- a man who is truly on your level...
Excited to understand the role that masculine and feminine energy play in relationships AND in manifesting love... 
Be open to trying something different and embracing change - this series is for action takers and women who want to see results!

You think about being with your person and you feel excited! It would feel amazing to know you won’t be the one showing up to an event alone. That you finally have someone to live life with.

Why is it so hard to meet
men on my level?

Despite the questions in your mind, you’re 1000% committed (even if it seems that the men you meet aren’t). You’ve wondered if maybe you’re too much. Or not quite enough. Or if men find you too intimidating? Or maybe it’s that you’re too insecure. You go from extremes of being too picky and settling for less than you know you deserve. You’ve fallen for the wrong person too many times.

It’s hard enough to find the right person, (especially since you don’t really have much time to date), but then your trust issues rear their ugly little heads. You have been hurt before and you want to be smarter now. 

But the truth is: you’re scared.

But here’s what I know to be true: if you’re an extraordinary woman, you’re meant for an extraordinary love. A happy, healthy, loving, committed, stable relationship with a high-quality man that can lead to marriage and family is meant for you. 

Scared of another heartbreak. Scared of trusting and being wrong. Scared that he’ll just change his mind about you just as you’re developing real feelings.

It’s entirely possible to have someone kind, fun, sexy, smart, and adventurous. Someone who’s ambitious and supportive. Someone who adores you. Someone who is the whole package. 

Just. Like. You.
You can have a relationship with love, excitement, and trust.

Chelsea Coleman



Technically she went from single to ENGAGED in 3 months, but to many of you reading this that just sounds “impossible” or “crazy” or “desperate” (even if you’d love nothing more than to be engaged to your person) and you’d poo poo everything that follows ONLY because you don’t yet understand the TRUTH about time and how to collapse it. 

When she first came to me she was clueless on how to get from the butterflies and excitement of initial infatuation to the seemingly delicate dance of dating in a way that would actually get a guy to commit. (I say seemingly because dating only SEEMS like a challenge when you’re expanding and contracting your energy as you’re trying to GET something from a man that he doesn’t want to give happily. Once you’re in an expansive energy with YOUR person the relationship can be fun, easy, and aligned so that you can quickly move into commitment with clarity and certainty.) 

She found herself stuck on a humiliating hamster wheel: meet a guy, start to like him, he ghosts, meet a guy, start to like him, he ghosts, and on and on. That had been her pattern for a year when she had her FTS moment and hired me. (FYI, there’s no need to wait til you’re at that moment that you feel like you can’t take it anymore to hire me).

She didn’t realize she was settling because the guys she was meeting were great on paper. “Total catches that she should be lucky to have!” Good looking. Well off. Ambitious. Blah blah blah.  

Neither did Chelsea. 

But in practice? They were not showing up like men in love who at long last had finally found their queen to love and cherish, but more like travelers seeking to invoke Westerosi Guest Rights with a warm bed and a meal as respite from the night’s cold after stumbling across her doorstep. 

One doesn’t stumble across the doorstep of a goddess.

But they didn’t recognize her as such because like so many other successful women, she lowered her standards in a last ditch effort to get what she wanted. 

She thought... 

..“maybe I’m expecting too much,” 
...“maybe he’ll change over time,” 
...“maybe I’m too intimidating to the kind of masculine men that I truly desire.” 

Um, no.

I get the logic, but that’s just not how that works.

Here’s the truth...

...ambition, success, and outgoing personality would be a PERFECT FIT for HER PERSON and one of the most attractive things about her. Not “intimidating” or something that would drive a good man off. long as she accepted stale breadcrumbs when she wanted a 7-tier wedding cake with custom cake toppers with an uncanny resemblance to Barbie and Ken, she wouldn’t be able to create the kind of massive transformation and epic soulmate love she craved.

...95%+ of the high-earning, ambitious, successful women I work with *think* they’re being too picky and I’ve YET to have a client where that was actually the case. Lowering her standards wasn’t going to help her attract the Man of Her Life (and it won’t help you either)

So what did she do…

She committed 100%. To the work. To herself. And to her man, when she found him. She came to me because she wanted to get MARRIED. None of this, “oh, I’d maybe like to find my next boyfriend or ideally my soulmate and just see how it goes” bullshit. She knew what she wanted and she claimed it.

She didn’t assume that even though she hadn’t yet created what she desired she still somehow knew exactly how to create it. No, she came to me because she wanted help and she embraced my guidance with both arms. 

She MASTERED THE ENERGETICS OF MAN-IFESTING LOVE. Chelsea was already great at manifesting in her life, but she had no idea what it truly took to magnetize love with a high-frequency man. We took the work beyond vision boarding and affirmations so that she could actually manifest a man who had EVERYTHING she desired down to her height requirements. 

Chelsea went from single to engaged in less than 6 months DURING the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. She and her husband were married in January 2021 in her dream wedding. 

Chelsea says, “It is the most amazing feeling to be with someone who wants you as much as you want them. It’s true love. Looking back at relationships I had in the past, they just weren’t even on the same level. From day one, he’s just truly made me feel like a queen. Crystal, I can’t thank you enough because working with you completely changed my mindset. I’m SO thankful I worked with you!”

I get it. 
You don’t just want to date, 
you want a husband.

Someone you can look at and see your future more clearly than ever. You want to finally breathe that sigh of relief knowing that you no longer have to shoulder life alone. 

At the end of 2015 I decided that enough was enough. I was done with the heartbreak, the situationships, the anxiety, and the confusion. I knew that 2016 was going to be the Year of the Man. 

I’ve been where you are.

I’ll be coaching a select exclusive group of women through the signature process that allowed me to go from single to married in less than a year and has helped hundreds of other women call in love.




"I manifested a relationship with an amazing man and we're now living together with my kids. I was leaning back and dating loosely, as you taught and now things are amazing! We’re in Bali on holiday at the moment.
He is everything I want and everything I’ve been looking for. He is 100% committed, great with my kids, and ALWAYS shows up for me. It’s so refreshing and different from my past relationships.He oozes my top 5 - trustworthy, thoughtful, kind, generous, and great communicator. I literally wrote him into existence — I can't believe how amazing this relationship is — and it’s all because of you.



We've been dating several months and he's amazing in so many ways. He's incredibly kind, giving, and always puts me first. We're compatible in so many ways, and we get along great.

Your work helped me learn to stop playing a role to avoid scaring away an emotionally-unavailable guy. Instead, I'd give them the time and space to make the effort to be with me!


“I met the man of my dreams after I stopped feeling so anxious about dating and made changes in my dating patterns. I knew on our first date this was different. I was completely myself for the first time in any relationship. No pretending, no structured text conversations to sound more appealing. I felt so comfortable with him and he adored me immediately.

We were engaged after dating for 7 months and married 3 months later.”

update: they're married!

This is for you if…

You know you’re an EXTRAORDINARY woman meant for EXTRAORDINARY love, but what you’ve been finding so far, is worse than ordinary, it’s downright subpar.
You’ve found yourself taking rejection to heart and you’re ready to make anxiety, hurt, and overwhelm a thing of your Dating Life Past
You’re ready to release people and relationships that haven’t been working out so you can make room for someone who is committed to you and wants to show up for you.
You want to align with high-quality & high-value men that will elevate you and your life.
You feel like you’re choosing men online based on their picture and you’re ready to learn how to read energy so you can sift energetically and save yourself from bad dates. 
You refuse to be a victim of your own dating life and you’re empowered enough to take a stand for the true and lasting love you desire!
You know you deserve more and better in your love life and you’re ready to do your part to ensure you get it.
You’re ready to have a happy, healthy, loving, committed relationship with the love of your life.



Through this program, I manifested what was truly important to me in a relationship and what type of man I was seeking. By doing this, it kept me from considering any potential man who wasn't what I wanted or needed in my life, no matter how enticing it seemed at the moment. I've found a wonderful man. He fits the list — all of it…


There is NO ONE like Crystal out there who is so specific & strategic yet also spiritual about finding love. I’m a 32 year old single mom and I hadn't had a relationship in 3 years. and I’ve been single for 3 years. I’m also a single mom. Dating has not been fun or easy for me. But I started adopting EVERYTHING Crystal taught. It wasn't long until I went on the first date with the man I’m now in a relationship with. It was easy and fun. 
He was consistent, he continuously made an effort, and there was no doubt that he liked me too because he made it clear through his words & actions. He is the sweetest, kindest, most attentive and doting man— he makes more of an effort than anyone I’ve ever met. He stepped up for me all because of what I learned and implemented from Crystal about manifesting love!"


Orlane went from single to married in less than a year. She decided to prioritize her energy over everything else. She listened to the meditation every day and followed the formula to a T becoming the most magnetic version of herself. She manifested him exactly, as if out of thin air. He literally walked into her office


I'd never had a boyfriend before joining Crystal's program. Now I'm dating someone great! He's outgoing, funny, respectful, and understanding and smart. He puts my needs and wants as a priority. He's just really thoughtful and sweet. He makes me feel so special. 

I'm so happy — I didn't think I'd end up with a boyfriend so quickly!
Crystal was always there through the process to address any questions and provide her utmost support. Thank you -- so thankful that I found your program.


"I actually went from single to married in less than a year, I just wish I'd found Crystal 10 years earlier! I found Crystal and I had just left behind a relationship. I knew I had to break out of an unhealthy cycle. Now I’m happily married to a wonderful man. He’s s fun, funny, consistent, and kind.
I’m so happy I decided to invest in myself. There’s such power in investment. It’s a HUGE part of self care. If I have a goal, I ask myself ‘what can I do to bridge that gap and meet that goal?’ I feel like working with Crystal in this course bridged that gap for me. Everything with my husband was so aligned from the beginning. No confusion. No hesitation. I cannot believe I actually went from single to married in a year!

UPDATE: They're engaged!

I’ll be coaching a select exclusive group of women through the signature process that allowed me to go from single to married in less than a year and has helped hundreds of other women call in love.