You want a Prince, yet you’re dating like a commoner. How long before you take the reins and create your own 
Happily Ever After?

Date Like a Duchess

Your love life just isn’t going the way you think it should? 
Dating isn’t getting the kinds of results you want?
It’s not as glamorous as it looks in the magazines or in the movies … or on The Bachelor… and it’s definitely not as happy as it looks on the pages of Us Weekly when one of the royals has a new fairytale romance and we all get to tune in to another royal wedding.

Introducing the Date Like a Duchess mini-course:
A video series to help you shift your mindset and change your ways so you can go from endless left-swipes and mind-numbing bad dates to manifesting your very own Happily Ever After from a place of confidence, knowing your worth and creating the life you deserve.

You’d be devastated to be in the same place you are now in a year. 

I know, because I’ve been there, too. A few short but love-filled years ago, I set the intention for 2016 to be the year I met the man I’d been dreaming about. At the beginning of the year I started to get crystal-clear on what I wanted him to be like, and felt an intuitive nudge to move to NYC.  After just three short months in New York, I’d found him. 

For so long (and like so many) I most desired a person who could be a safe harbor, a soft place to land, someone to do life with. But I was searching for (and clinging to) people who could never be that — for me.

And that’s the distinction — for me.

Because most of the guys were fully capable of being that person for someone. But it wasn’t going to be me. I’m not the only one who has stayed in relationships where they weren’t “the one.” for whatever reason. 

And I know I’m not the only one who would pine over those relationships, almost relishing in the pain of being unloved, while wondering out loud to my friends, 

He wasn’t scared of committing. 
He was making a choice not to. And I was settling for it.
Taking it … like a commoner.

“Why can’t he just let me love him? Why is he so scared of commitment and being close?”  

We build on here to embrace the energy of the Duchess. She navigates life with intention and clear desires. Her path is clear of worries about “how” and figuring it all out, and she’s at peace with herself, having dealt with any subconscious blocks to her desires and her fears surrounding relationships. We’ll meditate on where love is truly found, and redefine standards and sacrifice. 



This session is all about embodying the highest version of yourself — the Duchess version of you who is in a happy, healthy, loving relationship with a man who absolutely adores and cherishes you. We’ll examine the ways you’ve been showing up like a Commoner in your love life, and how to make the necessary shifts that get you the results you’re worthy of.



Finally, I’ll reveal the Duchess who inspired the series! (It’s not who you think…) We’ll look at how her story reveals a man’s motivations and how he’ll behave when he truly wants to make it work with his Duchess. We’ll also work through what you can do from the beginning of a relationship to ensure it doesn’t fall apart before it really gets started. Plus, we’ll identify how you can claim your desires and never settle for anything less.



Stop dating the guy … 

… who embarrasses you and puts you down 
Ahem, “I love having someone who challenges me”

… who flakes out on your plans repeatedly.
I see you, “he’s multi-passionate, ambitious, and has so much going on at work and his life.”

… who doesn’t want to have a committed, exclusive relationship with you.
Because, believe it or not, mere mortals can understand your love and labels really aren’t passe, they just help define things. 

Every one of those guys has chosen to see you as the commoner. 

You’re the woman he is choosing to spend time with until the woman who’s his Duchess comes along. And she will come along. 

You’ll know because … he’ll cherish her … he’ll show up for her … he’ll label her over and over. 

Girlfriend. Best friend. Love of my life. Fiance. Wife.  
When I mastered the energy of being a Duchess, amazing men were magnetized to me. 

Including the incredible man I now call my husband. It was just a shift I needed to fully understand and embody that changed everything. 
That's what I'm sharing.    

Your investment begins at $497.

Please note, Date Like a Duchess is a self-paced, self-led mini-course that 
does not include live one-on-one or group coaching with Crystal. 

Yes! I want to date like a Duchess

I never thought I would sign up for any sort of relationship course, but I felt drawn to this one and I am so happy with my decision. I took a long hard look at myself to remove blocks, wrong patterns and false limits I didn’t even know were there. I am confident in the future of my love life.


I found patience and calm — I know my man is out there, in existence and on his way. I’ve learned to quiet my mind and shut down the questioning and limiting beliefs.  


I went through Breakup Bootcamp and found healing, then I followed your steps for Magnetizing Love and I did it! I manifested him! Recently I started dating a guy I met at work — I felt attracted but stayed away initially. We built a friendship, and now we’re moving toward commitment. I’ve even met his family. Your work is gold.


 Now, I know I won’t play a certain role to avoid scaring away an emotionally-unavailable guy. Instead, I’ll give an emotionally-available guy the time and space to make the effort to be with me.


Through Crystal’s coaching, I manifested what was truly important to me in a relationship and what type of man I was seeking. By doing this, it kept me from considering any potential man who wasn't what I wanted or needed in my life, no matter how enticing it seemed at the moment. I've found a wonderful man. He fits the list — all of it...


I found patience and calm — I know my man is out there, in existence and on his way. I’ve learned to quiet my mind and shut down the questioning and limiting beliefs.  


Crystal taught me to be ready and willing to receive, instead of constantly putting in effort in a way that never came back to me. I’m now with a man who serves me constantly — cooks for me, makes me coffee, changes my oil, buys me gifts — all without me asking

Kelsey S.

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