You know you’re meant to be in a deep, loving, meaningful relationship, but right now the only lasting relationship you’re in is the one with your success. 

Private & Group Coaching


You get it — you’ve created and cultivated success in your professional life. 
You’ve made money, created a network and become an expert in your field. You’re crushing it in your work life, but when it comes to relationships, 
You find yourself always arriving at the same dead ends. 

Here’s the thing — and I’ll get right down to it — if you’re not creating the kind of success in your personal life that you’ve created in your work, it’s most likely for one of a few reasons: 

1. You just haven’t found the right man yet. And that’s okay.
2. You have some limiting beliefs about men, love, and commitment that point towards "I don't get love". Nope.
3. You’re not giving yourself permission to really believe in and trust men — “They kind of suck.” Do they, though?

Whatever the reason, I can help you change that.

Which is why I think you might like to work with me. 

I’m not a pity-party-throwing, Yes-Girl who’s going to join in the clamoring of man-shaming and complaining.  (I work in a strictly man-hating free zone0>

I’m also not a rah-rah cheerleader who’s going to tell you you’re perfect and don’t need to change a thing—the men can just get in line? NOPE.

And, I’m sure as heck not some dating guru who’s going to tell you all the things you need to say and do to lure-in and bag a man like he’s some sort of high-value accessory—ahem, even Hitch didn’t make that work, remember?

You’ve probably worked with a dozen different kinds of mentors, coaches, consultants, healers in your personal and professional life, and this is no different. You need someone who’s going to bring your blind spots into focus, push you towards healing and growth, and compel you to take real action to manifest the life and love you desire for yourself. 

What's holding you back?
What do you need to do to move you forward?
What are you going to do about it?

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” 


- hannah C.

Through Crystal’s coaching, I manifested what was truly important to me in a relationship and what type of man I was seeking. By doing this, it kept me from considering any potential man who wasn't what I wanted or needed in my life, no matter how enticing it seemed at the moment. I've found a wonderful man. He fits the list — all of it…

- katrina ruth

- Amelia q.

We've been dating several months and he's amazing in so many ways. He's incredibly kind, giving, and always puts me first. We're compatible in so many ways, and we get along great.

Your work helped me learn to stop playing a role to avoid scaring away an emotionally-unavailable guy. Instead, I'd give them the time and space to make the effort to be with me!

I have certainty now that it’s “this or something better” rather than getting up on making it a particular person. This is a huge shift because dating is simple now. 

What we did in such a short time felt impossible and I’m really grateful!

I'm dating someone amazing!

Working with Crystal was exceptional — I’ve worked with other relationship coaches, but I feel our work has been exceptional.

I've found a wonderful man. He fits the list — all of it…

-lore b.

He's outgoing, funny, respectful, and understanding and smart. He puts my needs and wants as a priority. He's just really thoughtful and sweet. He makes me feel so special. 

I'm so happy — I didn't think I'd end up with a boyfriend so quickly!

Crystal was always there through the process to address any questions and provide her utmost support. Thank you -- so thankful that I found your program and have you and the videos to help guide me 

"We're official!"

I quit doing things for men after Crystal said I need to be ready and willing to receive and quite putting out effort in a way that wasn’t working for me. Guess what happened? I am now with a man who serves me constantly — cooks me food, makes me coffee, changes my oil, buys me little gifts, all of this without me asking. I shifted my mindset and my actions, and you can too. I promise it’s worth it.

- Kelsey s.

"I’m now with a man who serves me constantly."

"I’ve been leaning back and dating loosely, as you taught, but yeah, things are amazing! We’re in Bali on holiday at the moment.He is everything I want and everything I’ve been looking for. He is 100% committed, great with my kids, and ALWAYS shows up for me. It’s so refreshing and different from my past relationships.

He oozes my top 5 - trustworthy, thoughtful, kind, generous, and great communicator. I literally wrote him into existence — I can't believe how amazing this relationship is — and it’s all because of you. If we get married, you and Kobi will be on the invite list." 

- hannah m.

"I’m in a relationship — he’s everything I wanted!"

There is NO ONE like Crystal out there who is so specific & strategic yet also spiritual about finding love. I’m 32 and I’ve been single for 3 years. I’m also a single mom. Dating has not been fun or easy for me. But I started adopting EVERYTHING Crystal said to say/do.

It wasn't long until I went on the first date with the man I’m now in a relationship with.  It was easy and fun. He was consistent, he continuously made an effort, and there was no doubt that he liked me too because he made it clear through his words & actions.

He is the sweetest, kindest, most attentive and doting man— he makes more of an effort than anyone I’ve ever met!

This goes to show... I have become the Duchess. And he could tell when he met me (even if he can’t put his finger on it). He stepped up for me. And it wasn’t because I asked him to, it was because I stepped up too. And he met me there from day one.

I’m so happy and thankful to Crystal! Going into it with no expectations, just wanting to have fun and go from there, was the biggest shift I made... while also raising my standards not only for men but for the woman I am. Thank you Crystal, this wouldn’t have happened without you.

- stephanie s.

"He is the sweetest, kindest, most attentive and doting man— he makes more of an effort than anyone I’ve ever met! He stepped up for me. And it wasn’t because I asked him to, it was because I stepped up too. And he met me there from day one."